My first blog post

“Everything That Has An End, Has A Beginning.” — The Matrix Revolutions          


Hi, my name is Ran Sheng (盛然) and this is my new blog. I used to do a lot of BBS (Bulletin Board System, which was old-timey computer networks) but not much of blogging. It seems like a good idea to start a new page now since I’m about to begin my senior year majoring Animated Arts.

I am an animator, director, photographer, graphic designer, and dreamer. I have a wide range of interests such as movie, book, comics, music, science, technology, sports, cars, airplanes, travel… the list goes on and I can’t stop typing. Also, I see myself as a Buddhist.

Hopefully, this blog could be a place where I keep my ideas, thoughts, or anything relates to my interests. And I wish this place could last for a long long time.

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