Born and raised in Beijing, China, I was inspired by my cultural background and personal life experiences, I create surreal images and metaphorical symbols, trying to find a delicate balance among time, space, and memory. I am interested in exploring the possibilities of story narration through different types of physical or digital media, such as animation, installation, sculpture, and photo collage, etc. I see my artwork as a playground where fiction and reality meet, cultural symbols and icons merge, meanings shift, past-future-present fuse, good and evil contrast each other, and fantasies take place in everyday life. In a more recent work, I did this by re-creating traditional Chinese shadow puppets with non-traditional technologies, combining historical puppetry with modern stop-motion animation techniques to illustrate a Chinese parable about karma. I am especially interested in stop-motion and digital animation,  for animation is the most powerful tool in my art practice.

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