Same thought about one metaphor

I am currently working on my essay about a Chinese ink-wash animation film The feeling of mountains and streams. In the film, it comes to a point that the elder man gives his long-treasured guqin to his student/friend, a young fishing man. Since I am trying to analysis the film and put it into the... Continue Reading →

A short note about “self-promotion”

In his essay Animation = A Multiplication of Artforms? Edwin Carels mentioned this when talking about animation's self-promotion: "film critics and historians hardly get to see this kind of animation and so they cannot cultivate its reputation as art ... A film needs media attention to gain instant recognition and prizes at festivals also play an... Continue Reading →

A method, not a genre

In the chapter The World is a Cartoon, author Steve Reinke examined several stray notes, depicted and discussed a serial of topics such as the relationship of cinema to the photographic image; the complicated controversy on cinema, digital film and animation; and especially, the relationship between cinema and different types of animation. As far as... Continue Reading →

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