Cigarettes as a prop in Noir Films

Whether as a visual element or as an indispensable prop, cigarettes could be seen in almost every classical noir film, helps to depict and reflect character’s emotion, power, or desire. The erratic, mysterious smoke wreathing in a dark scene, hovering between man and woman, reflecting by dramatic lighting, all made a well-known symbol of film noir. It has almost become a signature of “noir style”.

Same thought about one metaphor

I am currently working on my essay about a Chinese ink-wash animation film The feeling of mountains and streams. In the film, it comes to a point that the elder man gives his long-treasured guqin to his student/friend, a young fishing man. Since I am trying to analysis the film and put it into the... Continue Reading →

Resurrection or creation?

  During the reading of George Griffin's ‘Take the B Train: Reconstructing the Proto-Cinematic Apparatus’, I've learned about three artists and their concrete animation works. Before this, I have seen this kind of apparatus quite a lot, but Eric Dyer, one of the artists in the reading, his work 'The Bellows March' shocked me completely. Using intricate... Continue Reading →

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