Same thought about one metaphor

I am currently working on my essay about a Chinese ink-wash animation film The feeling of mountains and streams. In the film, it comes to a point that the elder man gives his long-treasured guqin to his student/friend, a young fishing man. Since I am trying to analysis the film and put it into the bigger frame of the history of Chinese animation, I read this scene as a metaphor that suggests the director/animator is projecting themselves to the character. By creating such a scene (or the entire story,) they are actually trying to pass everything they have to younger people: the next generation of animators. When I say everything, that means all those knowledge, skills, methods, and traditions. Just like parents passing the legacy to their children.

Later on, when I read the book “Animation in China: History, Aesthetics, Media” by Sean Macdonald, I found this sentence surprisingly:

Animation_in_China_p168-9SEAN MACDONALD, ANIMATION IN CHINA: history, aesthetics, media (S.l.: ROUTLEDGE, 2017). Page 168-169.

I just want to say that I am so very happy to see other people sharing the exact same thought I have, almost like an echo.

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